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Mr. Burns,

a post-electric play

By Anne Washburn
fortyfivedownstairs Feb 2019 and May 2019
Mr BURNS poster smaller.jpeg
Nominated for six Greenroom Awards including:
Best Ensemble 
Best Actor (Dylan Watson)
Best Director
Best Set & Costume Design
Best Lighting Design
Best Production
Winner of the 2019 Greenroom Award for Best Production. 

"The acting is engrossing and skilled, the staging is sophisticated and transporting, the tone — as set by director John Kachoyan — is perfectly judged: fraught but not overwrought...The best show in town" -  Chris Boyd for The Australian


"Lightning Jar Theatre has established itself in a few short years as one of the more talented indie companies in Melbourne... an ensemble committed to giving life to a theatrical hybrid like nothing you've seen before." - Cameron Woodhead for The Age


"Mr Burns... is bravura theatre, starting sparse and quiet before metaphorphising into the sort of Wagnarian, total art “gesamtkunstwerk” that entertains and resonates long after leaving the venue." - David Collins  for Australian Arts Review


"Under John Kachoyan’s direction, Lightning Jar gives us a well-judged and lucid production that winds up to a superb third act... Lightning Jar’s high quality production is intelligently directed and performed, and features a brilliant ensemble cast. As skilled singers, they perfectly render Michael Friedman’s witty score, which is as full of allusions as the play itself. It’s hard to pick standouts, but Dylan Watson is particularly enjoyable to watch." - Alison Croggon for Witness Performance

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