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Venus in Fur

By David Ives
fortyfivedownstairs March 2018

"...this is one of the smartest and shrewdest adaptations of the 1870 novella in any medium."

Chris Boyd for The Australian

"Legge and Kent have excellent chemistry. Their accents and character changes are credible, and they're directed by Kirsten von Bibra with enough emotional intelligence to leave you reeling at the end."

Cameron Woodhead for The Age

"Tilly Legge plays three different, female characters in one, from ditzy, gawky ingenue to Northern European aristocrat to fierce, vengeful dominatrix, and makes it seem effortless to do so."

Kathryn Keeble for Melbourne Observer


"Much like the company's production of Stupid F#cking Bird in 2017- what you're treated to in the audience is pure storytelling. Best to descend to Fortyfivedownstairs for a bit of indecency because this isn't a show you want to miss."

David Collins for Arts Review

"The two are a charismatic, enthralling pair...The play is wildly funny and very sharp – an intense exploration of sexual politics, desire, gender and power and another iteration of Lightning Jar’s obsession with bringing detailed, language-driven and intelligent work to dynamic life"

Anna Vucic for In Review

"An aerobic display of highly charged interactions, building suspense and erupting in a volcanic climax. "

Weekend Notes

"Let me be completely honest: I absolutely loved this play. Vanda (Tilly Legge) and Thomas (Darcy Kent) performed flawlessly and faithfully captured Sacher-Masoch’s twisted and erotic relationship dynamics."

Caitlin McGrane for Theatre Press

It’s a smart, well written play that turns on its head swiftly and interestingly to set up several layers of ambiguity, and it’s given a detailed and powerful production by Kirsten von Bibra which is well worth your time.New indie company Lightning Jar, for whom this is their second show, is clearly a name to look out for."

Alison Croggon for Witness Performance

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